About ASIR

Company Overview

Advanced Seismic Instrumentation and Research LLC (ASIR) is an innovative company specializing in seismic instrumentation and installation, seismic data analysis, custom-made solutions, frack monitoring, and permeability enhancement research.

Our customers include:
• Energy companies needing frack and hazard monitoring.
• Entities seeking small local seismic networks to monitor earthquake risk and environmental impact.
• Research institutes aspiring to install deep borehole instrumentation.

ASIR Staff Experience

• More than 300 custom designed, fabricated and deployed borehole stations.
• Industry leadership in design of instruments for the harshest conditions -hottest (195 ºC), deepest ( 4.2 Km), and deviated (60º).
• Scientific observatories, regional national networks, reservoir monitoring, geothermal, varied energy technologies, EGS, CO2 sequestration, fracking.
• Over 50 refereed scientific publications by principals and collaborating colleagues.
• Over 35 borehole and monitoring projects conducted worldwide, including:

Deep borehole instrumentation and installation projects:
– Koyna Dam, India – 8 slimline seismometers network at 1500 m depth
– CAGS, China – 4600 m deep installation, 4 levels
– SAFOD, California – 32 levels VSP 800 to 2000 m depth
– TCDP, Taiwan – 7 level VSP 900 to 1300 m depth
– Long Valley Caldera, California – several installations 2700 to 1800 m depth

Monitoring networks:

– Basel, Switzerland
– GONAF, Turkey
– Wairakei, New Zealand
– Paralana, Australia
– Sumatra, Indonesia
– Puna, Hawaii
– Coso Geothermal field, California
– Parkfield, California
– Montserrat, West Indies